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Workstation desks are an important element in the planning of any classroom or laboratory because they must comply with the needs of work, space and design.

Our laboratory furniture system takes into consideration the requirements of the experimental equipment and IT peripherals required in the Science Labs & Classrooms design. Working hand in hand with you, we can develop a tailored room/equipment layout taking into consideration your needs and requirements Undertaking the customer needs and wishes into account, we develop an individually tailored room and equipment selection jointly.

We are your competent part from the first consultation via the concrete suggestion of a furnishing layout and the clarification of details to the entire plan.

Our offering for Lab & classroom furniture includes:

  • Student Benches
  • Laboratory Benches
  • Functional Workstations
  • Hanging Lower Cabinets
  • Mobile Containers
  • Teacher Places
  • Wall Workplaces
  • Window Workplaces
  • Experiment Stands
  • Trolleys
  • Media
  • Board Arrangements
  • Chairs
  • Power Supply Arrangements