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A1. Engineering Training Equipments:

  • Mechanical & Civil Engineering
  • Industrial Automation
  • Electricity, Electronics & Telecommunication
  • Chemical & Process Control Instrumentation
  • Mechatronics Engineering
  • Renewable & Green Energy

a. Mechanical & Civil Engineering:

Topics Coverage:
Engineering Mechanics Machine Elements Statics Dynamics Fundamentals of Machinery Design
Machinery Diagnostics Properties of Material Thermal Engineering & HVAC Fundamental of Thermodynamics Applied Thermodynamics
Power Engines and Machines Internal Combustion Engines Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Technology Heating & Ventilation in buildings Sanitary Systems
Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics Steady Incompressible Flow Flow around Bodies Steady Flow of Compressible Fluids Examples of Transient Flow
Hydraulic Fluid Energy Machines Components in Piping Systems and Plant Design Fluidic Experimental Plants Hydraulics for Civil and Environmental Engineering  

b. Industrial Automation

Robot System Automation and Material Handling CNC Lathe System Computer-Integrated Manufacturing System
Fundamentals of Manufacturing Gravity Feeder - Cylindrical Parts Gravity Feeder - Square Parts Manufacturing Processes - Tech-Design
Servo Robot System Exploring Mechanisms PLC Application - Traffic Light System PLC Application - Traffic Light System
PLC Application - Electro - Mechanical System/DC Motor PLC Application - Electro - Pneumatic System PLC Application - Level Process Control System PLC Application - Wind Turbine System
PLC Application - Electro - Mechanical System/Stepper Motor Simulation Software Modular CNC turn-mill centers High-performance CNC turning centers
Vertical pick-up turning machines CNC turning machines High precision lathes with and without cycle control 5 axes machining center
5 axes milling center Floor-type machining center Vertical CNC machining centers Standard 3 axes milling machines
Vertical milling centers with C-frame design Universal milling machines with and without cycle control    

c. Electricity, Electronics & Telecommunication:

AC Fundamentals Analog Communications Breadboards DC Fundamentals
DC Network Theorems Digital Circuit Fundamentals Digital Communications Digital Logic Fundamentals
Digital Signal Processor FET Fundamentals Fiber Optic Communications Magnetism and Electromagnetism
Microcontroller System Development Microprocessor, 32-Bit Motors, Generators, and Controls Operational Amplifier Applications
Operational Amplifier Fundamentals Power Supply Regulation Circuits Power Transistors and GTO Thyristors QPSK/OQPSK/DPS
Semiconductor Fundamentals Thyristors and Power Control Circuits Transducer Fundamental Transistor Amplifier Circuits
Transistor Feedback Circuits Transistor Power Amplifiers Transmission Lines Analog Communications
Controls and Sensors Fiber Optic Communication Power Supply Regulation Circuits Power Transistors and GTO Thyristor
Preparatory Electricity & Electronics Magnetism and Electromagnetism Plug-n-Learn Electricity and Magnetism Trainer Residential Electrical Wiring
Controls and Sensors Synchro-Servo Training System Transducer Fundamentals Data Acquisition and Management
Computer-Assisted 0.2-kW Electromechanical Training System Bluetooth Training Solution CAN Bus Training Solution CPLD Development Solution
Deluxe ARM starter pack Deluxe Mobile Communications System Embedded Internet Training Solution FPGA and CPLD Solution
Satellite Communications Training System Telecommunications Instrumentation Telephony Training System Virtual Test Equipment Interface
Antenna Training and Measuring System Computer-Assisted Microwave Technology Training System Meteorology and Forecasting Microwave Technology Training System
Radar Training System Fiber Optics & Lasers Global Positioning System Trainer  

d. Chemical & Process Control Engineering:

Training System: Level Control Training System: Flow Control Training System: Pressure Control Training System: Temperature Control Temperature control system with dead time
Training System: Speed Control Training System: Position Control Room Temperature Control Maintenance of Valves and Fittings and Actuators Pump and Valves and Fittings Test Stand
Calibrating a Pressure Sensor Flow Meter Trainer Test Stand for Control Valves Design and function of control valves Operation of Industrial Controllers
Networking of Industrial Controllers Function and structure of a process control system under Profibus DP Set-Up of Field Bus Systems Networking of field bus modules PLC Application: Mixing Process
Control of Water Quality Control of 4 Variables from Process Engineering Fault Finding in Control Systems PLC to monitor safety devices Process Control Engineering Experimentation Plant
Multivariable Control: Vacuum Degassing Multivariable Control: Stirred Tank Fixed Bed Catalysis Flow Injection Analysis Tubular Flow Reactor
Chemical Reactors Trainer Continuous Stirrer Tank Reactor Tubular Reactor Stirred Tanks in Series Batch Reactor
Thermal Process Engineering Biological Process Engineering Water Treatment Gas Flow Classification Magnetic Separation
Fundamentals of Sedimentation Separation in Sedimentation Tanks Disc Centrifuge Gas Cyclone Hydrocyclone
Cake and Depth Filtration Dissolved Air Flotation Separation in Sedimentation Tanks Depth Filtration Biofilm Process
Activated Sludge Process Anaerobic Water Treatment Adsorption Reverse Osmosis  

e. Mechatronics:

Three-Dimensional Display with Geometric Models Cylindrical Work Samples with Cut-Outs Parallel to Axis Cylindrical Work Samples with Slanted Cut-Outs Prismatic Work Samples with Cut-Outs Parallel to Edges
Prismatic Work Samples with Slanted Cut-Outs Bending Device Assembly Kit Drawing Demonstration: Drilling Jig Lever Shears Assembly Kit
Cutaway Model: Worm Gear, Spur Gear, Planetary Gear, Variable Speed Belt Drive Cutaway Model: Control Gear, Multiple-Disc Clutch Dimensional Metrology Training Kits Instructional Kit: Assembly with Dowel Pins, Keys, Taper Keys
Nuts and Bolts Kit Bolt-Locking Devices Kit Thread Types Kit Roller Bearings Kit
Spur Gear Lifting Apparatus Cam Mechanism Bearing Friction Worm and Wheel Apparatus
Journal Bearing Friction Apparatus Screw Tester Drilling Kit Countersinking Kit
Reaming Kit Grinding Kit Turning Kit Milling Kit
Cutting Forces during Drilling Cutting Forces during Turning Gear Assembly Unit: Simple Drives Gear Assembly Unit: Combined Drives
Gear Assembly Unit: Step and Shift Gears Assembly Exercise: Shaft with Journal Bearings Assembly Exercise: Hydrodynamic Journal Bearing Assembly Exercise: Spur Gear
Assembly Exercise: Spur Wheel / Worm Gear Mechanism Alignment of Drives, Shafts and Gears Assembly Station: Spur Wheel / Worm Gear Mechanism Assembly Exercise: Shut-off Valve
Electromechanical Vibrations Kit Brake & Load Unit Computerized Vibration Analyzer Assembly & Maintenance Exercise: Centrifugal Pump
Assembly & Maintenance Exercise: Multi-Stage Centrifugal Pump Assembly & Maintenance Exercise: Screw Pump Assembly & Maintenance Exercise: Diaphragm Pump Assembly & Maintenance Exercise: Piston Pump
Assembly & Maintenance Exercise: In-Line Centrifugal Pump Assembly & Maintenance Exercise: Gear Pump Assembly Stand for Pumps  

f. Renewable & Green Energy

Geothermal Energy Training System Wind Farm Simulation Software Hydrogen Fuel Cell Training System Electrical Pitch Hub Trainer
Hydraulic Pitch Hub Trainer Renewable Energy Training Systems Wind Farm Simulation Software Wind Power Systems
Wind Power Technology Wind Turbine Nacelle Training System Ni-MH and Lead Acid Batteries Grid-Tie Training System
Solar/Wind Energy Training System Solar Thermal Energy Training System    

A2. Analytical Lab Equipments:

Techsol Solutions offer a complete product portfolio for Analytical Instruments needs for those establishing new laboratories or expanding existing laboratories.

It is very important to select the right equipment for a specific application. Analytically instruments are widely being used for Petrochemical, Chemical, Metal, Plastic and Cement industries. The selection of analytical instruments depends on what kind of samples and parameters needs to be measured.

While choosing an instrument it is necessary to select highly effective and accurate instruments matching to the analysis needs according to the product guide so that many parameters in almost as many different sample types can be analyzed. Equipment installation and start-up, calibration and verification, and validation-all should be performed by trained and authorized personnel.

Techsol solutions offer a complete range of Analytical equipments & solutions for a complete education, research, analysis and quality control applications.

Customized Solutions

We can offer specially designed products and software or customization to our standard products that are tailored to specific customer needs.

We offer complete turnkey solutions for your integrated Analytical measurement systems involving below steps depending on the customer needs:

  • Site/Plant survey
  • Pre engineering
  • Cost estimates
  • Measurement techniques
  • Sourcing and supporting the accessories
  • Integration at manufacturer’s and shipping
  • Testing/Installation at site
  • Integration with the plant utilities
  • Implementation
  • Functionality tests
  • Training for the end users
  • After sales services
  • Annual maintenance

Analytical Instruments

From day to day monitoring to an advanced and complex research, our analytical solutions helps the end users to handle tough analytical challenges using modern technologies ranging right from pH analysis to spectrometry and chromatography up to a microanalysis.

Chemicals, Reagents & Consumables

We offer the largest selection of chemicals and reagents developed specifically for laboratory usage. Consumables cover the disposable laboratory glassware, plastic ware and environmental-sample containers including vials, tubes, pipettes, microscope slides and syringes. We also offer chemical filtration, purification and packaging of ultra-high purity solvents.

Lab Furniture

Lab furniture is an important element in the planning of any laboratory because they must comply with the needs of work, space and design.

Our laboratory furniture system takes into consideration the requirements of the experimental equipment and IT peripherals required in the Science Labs & Classrooms design. Working hand in hand with you, we can develop a tailored room/equipment layout taking into consideration your needs.


We offer a complete range of advanced Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) and laboratory software products to support our lab equipments.


Optical Emission Spectrometer ICP/OES Spectrometer XRay Fluorescence Spectrometer Metallographic Preparation Bulk Sample Transportation
Carbon Sulphur / O-N-H Analyzers Field Water Testing Equipments Petroleum Testing Equipments Material Testing Equipments Conductivity Meter
Video scopes Fiberscope’s Oscilloscopes Demagnetizers Spectrophotometers
Polari meters Refract meters Automatic Density Meter Mercury Analyzers Automatic Titrators
Buffer pH Calibration de balance Capillary Electrophoresis Capp Pipettes holders Carbon / Sulfur / Nitrogen / Chlorine Agro Analyzers
Crushers, grinders Cryostats Cytometry Digital Bench Top Refractometers DIN cups
Drying ovens with natural convection Electrical Conductivimeters Electrochemistry Electrolyte Analyzer Electrophoresis Power Supply
Environmental Analysis Extraction/ Evaporation Filter colorimeter Fluid Delivery Pump Force gauges
Fume Cabinet /Cupboards General Purpose / Table Top Centrifuges Gloss Haemostasis High pressure reactor
Hot Air Sterilizers ICP Incubators Industrial furnace Karl Fischer Titration - Coulometric
Laboratory Glassware Washers Lense Macro Hardness Testers Metallography Microscopy
Microwave Oven Moisture Balances - Dessicators Mounting press compounds Multi channel Multichannel volume Verification System Osteoporosis
Petroleum Testing pH-meters Photometer Pipettes Tips Pipettes - Multichannel
Polishing - Grinding Potentiometric Titration - Accessories Sieve Shaker Test Sieves Viscometers Brookfield
Aggregometer Analog Handheld Refractometers Anemia Testing Assay Automation Bag Mixer
Bath Liquids BIO Spectrophotometers Bioclinical equipments Calibration Calorimetry
Capillary Rheometer Capp Pipettes Starter kits Cell Density Meter Cell Sizing, Counting and Viability Centrifugation
Cold Light Illuminator Color Inspector Colorimeters for solid analysis Conductivity Controled Humidity Chamber
Cryostat Rapid Performer Cytometry Cytometry - Reagents Desintegrator Ultrasonic Detector HPLC
Digestion Digital Microscopes Drying Ovens, Industrial Cutter - Sectioning Digital Handheld Refractometers
Discrete Analyzers Drying ovens Drying Ovens, Industrial Electrical Tests Electrodes
Electronic stirrers - Accessories Elemental Analyzers Falling weight impact testing Flame Photometers Fluorescence Analysis
Freezers Furnaces & Ovens Genetic Research Growth Chamber Halogen Analyzers
Homogenizers HPCE Immersion cooler Individual bubble viscometers Inverted microscopes
Karl Fischer Titration - Volumetric Lactate Analyzers Magnetic stirrers Microcentrifuges Microtiterplate
Mixers & Shakers Moisture Humidity Muffle furnace Multipost stirrers Oil-baths
Overhead Stirrers pH & Conductivity Pharma Solutions Photometer & kits for Water analysis Polarimeters
Portable Balances Precision Balances Refrigerators Spectrometers Vacuum Ovens

A3. Test & Measurement Lab Equipments:

Our TMI Product line offers innovative solutions for test and measuring instruments for the Defense, Aerospace, Telecom, Electrical & Electronics industries and institutes. Techsol solutions offer a complete range of Test & Measurement Equipments & systems for a complete education, research, analysis and quality control applications. We represent some of the world’s leading manufacturers of Electrical/Electronic Test and Measurement equipments.

These TMIs & systems are setting standards worldwide in research, development, production and service. We are the key partner of industry and network operators for all measurement tasks in the field of analog and digital communications in Qatar. These systems must all perform flawlessly, and tomorrow’s challenges must be anticipated and met today.

Techsol Solutions offer a complete product portfolio for Test & Measurement Instruments needs, for those establishing new laboratories or expanding existing laboratories.

As always, end user benefit from the high quality and in-depth development and production expertise of our principal manufacturers right from the digital development; production from printed board to finished product all take place in-house.

While choosing an instrument it is necessary to select highly effective and accurate instruments matching to the analysis needs according to the product guide so that many parameters in almost as many different sample types can be analyzed. Equipment installation and start-up, calibration and verification, and validation-all should be performed by trained and authorized personnel.

Our technologies are based on best-in-class products from the industry's leading vendors. Our staff always focuses on developing & learning about the customers business needs and apply the best technology to solve customer problems. This makes Techsol Solutions as the best choice for a growing market’s test and measurement requirements. Our Engineers have the expertise and focus to provide your company the assurance; that each implementation meets your requirements and exceeds your expectations.


a. Portable Test Instruments
Digital Multimeters Multifunction Handy Calibrators Portable Power Monitor/Recorder
Clamp on Testers Portable Data Logger DC Precision Measuring Instruments
Insulation Testers Earth Ground & Poly testers Digital Luminance Meters (Luxmeters)
Portable Analog DC Ammeter & Voltmeter Digital Thermometers Colorimeters
b. Basic Measurement Equipments
Digital and Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes Scope Corders & Oscillographic Recorders Serial Bus Analyzers Voltage Probes, Current Probes
Logic Probes Oscilloscope Accessories Digital Power Analyzers Power Measurement Application Software
Digital Power Analyzer Accessories High Speed Data Acquisition Low Speed DAQ & Industrial Recorder Source Measure Units
Programmable DC Sources Signal Generators 40G Transport Analyzer Ethernet Traffic Tester
10 Gigabit Ethernet Handheld Tester Digital Multimeters Manometers Time Interval Analyzers
Universal Counters Optical Sensing Product USB2.0 Compliance Test Solution  

c. Optical Measuring Equipments

  • Optical Spectrum Analyzer
  • Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR)
  • Optical Light Sources
  • Multi application Test System

d. Radio Frequency and Microwave Communication Related:

Aerospace and Defense Test Solutions
  • Radar test systems
  • ILS test system
Wireless Communications Testers and Systems
  • Wireless device testers
  • Protocol testers
  • Conformance and pre conformance testers
  • System accessories
  • Digital oscilloscopes, probes
Signal and Spectrum Analyzers
  • Spectrum analyzers
  • Signal analyzers
  • Accessories for analyzers
  • Application firmware
  • Modulation analyzers
Signal Generators
  • RF vector signal generators
  • RF analog signal generators
  • Microwave signal generators
  • Baseband signal generators
  • Application firmware
Network Analyzers
  • Vector network analyzers
  • Converters
  • Accessories for network analysis
Drive Test Tools
  • Hardware, software, systems
EMC and Field Strength Test Solutions
  • EMI precompliance/compliance
  • EMS/EMF measurements
  • EMC software
  • Broadband amplifiers
  • EMC accessories
Power Meters and Voltmeters
  • Power meters
  • Power sensors
  • Voltmeters
Audio Analyzers
  • Audio analyzers, audio switcher
Modular Instruments
  • Open test platform
  • Infotainment test system
Broadcasting Test and Measurement Solutions
  • Video and MPEG TS generators
  • RF test transmitters
  • TV analyzers
  • Video and MPEG TS analyzers
System Components
  • Open switch and control platform
  • I/Q data recorder
  • Step attenuator