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A. Interactive White Boards & related accessories:

Techsol takes the pride of being Qatar’s market leader in the Interactive Whiteboards category, covering major independent schools, private schools, colleges and corporate training centers in Qatar. For over 10 years, Techsol has been helping teachers and presenters reach their goals of improving student involvement, increasing academic interests and making educational institutes and training centers globally competitive.

More than any hardware and software to get the results, it requires the operational expertise to utilize this solution. And that’s where Techsol plays a major role in providing a complete solution to the end user. Our solution includes not just the products but we do provide a professional training, classroom content, community of peers and a complete after sales support for the solution. This way the user feels comfortable with the technology and can use it very effectively in the classroom.

We offer a comprehensive selection of product that complement our Interactive White Board They are modular and easy to use, which give the teacher more ways to keep students engaged and involved

Teachers can shift between whole class, small group and individual learning developing their own style of teaching. We can support teachers / trainers with a wide range of SCORM compliant content specializing in various areas like Math, Science, Technology, Education, etc.

We provide the below listed products in complimentary and modular form to support our customer fulfilling their classroom resources requirement.

  • Digital Projectors / Screens / White boards
  • Interactive Projectors
  • Document Cameras
  • Voting Systems

Being based locally, you can bank on us to fully support our products whenever you need it. We can help you right from choosing the right products to setting up best processes within your school. We also offer product warranties that are among the best in the industry.

B. Multimedia Language Lab Solutions:

Techsol offers premium is a multimedia educational network designed to make teaching more dynamic in the laboratory thanks to the simple, effective and rational use of new communication technologies.

Our solution offers a reliable tool for multidisciplinary education and is suitable for all teaching approaches, whatever the media used (audio, video, data). User friendly, it allows teachers to exploit the educational material at their disposal whilst allowing them to integrate it with interactive media, such as CD-ROMs, DVDs, Satellite TV, Internet, video conferencing, etc.

C. Interactive Learning Software & E Learning (SCORM Compliant)

We offer a series of science resources for your Interactive White Board ranging from topic specific teacher presentations to interactive software simulations, these resources have been specifically designed to help teachers make the best use of their science laboratory and to ensure that students gain the most from their learning experience

Techsol Solutions specializes in learning products that are fun, interactive, and instructionally sound. Our associate’s team of instructional designers, content developers, animators, graphic designers, and child psychologists has designed interactive learning products for children of diverse age groups, from kindergarten to senior high school.

Our Capabilities

Content Creation
  • Design and creation of interactive learning
  • Special needs teacher training
Content Migration
  • Conversion of print and legacy content
Content Deployment
  • Design of student and teacher management systems, tools, and learning networks
Content Localization

We focus on programs that are engrossing, add value to the curriculum, allow students to apply their learning in real-world situations, and cater for different learning styles. Our solutions address these issues; they are also flexible enough to incorporate the differences between cultures, curricula, and instructional methodologies.