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In the modern age, the science and technology has progressed phenomenally and the innovation cycles has become faster and faster. To deal with the future technical challenges, strong knowledge and physical experiments have to be conveyed to the young students using a very efficient and proven methodology.

Our team meets this challenge by providing an attractive range of teaching equipment and systems. Our product range is consisting of single and complex equipments for demonstration and practice in order to convey fundamental and professional knowledge at school and universities. As a competent and reliable partner we help you to achieve these objectives

We believe hands-on, inquiry-based education lies at the heart of producing new generations of creative, impassioned scientists that are destined to make the world a better place. We only carry engaging, exciting, simple, and thought provoking products that are in-line with this vision. We want students and teachers to love science as much as we do.

We offer a creative range of exciting, innovative science teaching resources that engage and inspire students in the classroom. Our Scientific Lab Equipments solutions turn any space into a science teaching space.

Specifically designed to support the teachers with a range of equipments, lab resources, computer-based resources, the lab can be loaded with any of the multimedia presentations and lessons available in our range of Primary, Middle and High schoolscience content covering entire K-12 education spectrum.

We strongly believe in the concept of “Learning by Doing” and emphasize on hands-on practical experiments that can be performed as a class demonstration by the teacher or by the students themselves. Each topic area is resourced with teacher presentations/assessments, practical lessons and where needed the equipment needed to do the experiments.

Continuous assessment using our managed learning system provides teachers and students with instant feedback on progress and attainment as well as enabling students to engage in personalized learning.

We also offer a range of interactive science simulations that allow students to explore different types of scientific equipment on a computer. These include a virtual microscope and a virtual data logging system.

A. Physics Lab:

Topics Coverage:
Physics Equipments:
Measuring devices Simple machines Mechanics on the adhesive magnetic board Dynamics and Kinematics Rotational motion
Mechanical oscillations Mechanical waves Acoustics Mechanics of Liquids Mechanics of Gases
Vacuum Aerodynamics Manuals    
Heaters Temperature Measurement Thermal expansion of bodies and liquids Calorimetry
Thermal behavior of gases Aggregate states of phase transitions Heat transfer Heat and work
Meteorology Problem: Ozone Hole Problem: Greenhouse effects  
Electrical Power Units:
Electrical measuring units Electricity & electronics accessories Electrostatics Electrical conductivity
Magneto statics Electromagnetism and induction Electrical machine teaching models Basic & Advance Electricity
Electromagnetic oscillations and waves Thermoelectricity    
Geometrical optics Optical benches and accessories Optical componenets Wave optics
Interferometry and holography Spectroscopy Velocity of light Laser optics
Atomic & Nuclear Physics:
Fundamentals Physics of the electron Franck-hertz experiments Electron spin resonance
Nuclear magnetic resonance Zeeman effect Optical pumping X-ray apparatus
Sensors for α-, β-, γ- and X-rays Radioactivity Energy analysis Solid state physics
Structure of crystals Conduction phenomena    
Auxillary Equipments:
Erlenmeyer flasks Beakers Volumetric flasks Funnels
Self supporting cylinders Graduated pipettes Graduated cylinders/measuring beakers Glass tubes, glass rods
Adapters Test tubes and racks Tubing and accessories Stock clock
Brushes Screw Caps Lab gases and accessories  
Lab Instrumentation:
Power Supplies Power & Energy Meters Function Generators Oscilloscopes
Handheld Analog & Digital Meters Measuring Amplifier Demo Multimeter / Microvoltmeter Digital Counters
Laboratory Weighing Scales      
Magnetism & Electromagnetism:
Alnico/Steel Magnets Bar U -Shaped Horse Shoe Cylindrical Magnet Barlow's Wheel
Bicycle Dynamo Coils Compass Box Deflection Magnetometer Demonstration Motor & Dynamo Demonstration Motor
Demountable Transformer Dip Circle Dip Needle Electric Bell Demonstration Electromagnet
Electromagnetic Kit (Westminster) Electromagnetic Swing. Floating Magnet. Force on Conductor Balance Galvanoscope Demonstration
Capacitor Plate Set Conductor Biot'st Conductor Conical Conductor Cylindrical
Conductor Spherical Discharger Ebonite Rod Electrophorus
Electroscope Gold Leaf Electroscope Pith Ball Type Electroscope SS round Electrostatics Kit
Faraday's Ice Pails Induction Accessories Kit Leyden Jar Proof Plane Van De Graph Accessories
Green Energy
  • Solar Energy
  • Green House Effect
  • Fuel Cells
  • Weather
Ballistic Galvanometer. D'arsonval Galvanometer. Demonstration Meter. Dials for Interscale Demonstration Meter.
Earth Inductor. Galvanometer Long Scale. Interscale Demonstration Meter Lamp & Scale. Light Spot Galvanometer.
Ammeter Galvanometer Milliammeter Millivoltmeter Voltmeter
Microammeter Moving Coil Multimeter Analo Multipilier & Shunts. Tangent Galvanometer.  
Accumulator Cell Copper Electrode Daniel Cell
Electrode SS Hertz Support Leclanche Cell
Porous Pots Simple Cell Zinc Electrode
Induction Coil & Vacuum Tubes
Cathode Ray Tube Deflection Tube Fluorescent Screen Geissler's Tubes
Induction Coil. Set of three Vacuum Tubes. Spectrum Tubes.
Vacuum tubes X-Ray Tube.    

B. Chemistry Lab:

Topics Coverage:
Lab apparatus:
Laboratory aids Electrical power supply equipments Measuring equipments Experimental kit
Microscopy Illustrative media Media devices Stoppers
Tubing Burners Electrical Heating Devices Stirrers
Pumps Batteries Accumulators & charging sets Power supplies
Function generators Distribution boxes    
Measuring Instruments:
Length Time Force
Mass Temperature Electrical measurements
pH value Conductivity Photometry
Stereo microscopes Digital microscopes Video cameras Light magnifier
Microscopy accessories Microscopic preparations Multimedia packages Slides
Models Object boxes and collection Skulls and skeletons of animals Charts
Transparencies Files, videos, DVDs, software, books Overhead, slide & flipchart Projectors Projector screens
Health & Safety:
Safety goggles Protective clothing Hand gloves Disposal
First aid Warning labels Wall charts Safety videos
Hazard symbols Risk information symbols Safety phrases / safety devices  
Single Chemicals Special Chemicals Spirit Lamp Glass/Brass/SS Tripod Stands Wire Gauze
Tongs/Taps/Glass Cutter Porcelain Ware Vessels & Containers Glass Testubes Pipettes Plastic Ware
Stands/Racks Aspirator dissector Beehive Shelves Buchner Funnel Cavity Tiles China Dish
Crucible Mortar & Pestle Pipe Clay Beaker Bijou Bottle Bottle BOD 125ml
Bottle McCartney Buchner Flask Crystallizing Dish Distillation Flask Dropping Bottle Evaporating Basin
Flask Conical Flask Flat Bottom Beaker Bijou Bottle Bottle BOD 125ml Bottle McCartney
Buchner Flask Crystallizing Dish Distillation Flask Dropping Bottle Evaporating Basin Flask Conical
Flask Flat Bottom Flask Retort Flask Round Bottom Flask Support Flask Volumetric Jar Gas
Measuring Cylinder Reagent Bottle Reagent Bottles Solution Bottle Trough Pneumatic Weighing Bottle
Woulf Bottle Beaker Tong Bunsen Screw Clip Crucible Tong Deflagrating Spoon Flask Tong
Gas Tap Glass tube Cutter Mohr's Clip Sand Bath Test Tube Bath Tube Connector T/Y
Water Taps Electrode Pair Filter Pump Fractionating Column Gas Washing Bottle Hoffman's Voltmeter
Kipps Gas Generator Liebig Condenser Soxhlet Apparatus Spatula Syphon Model Water Voltmeter

C. Biology Lab:

Topics Coverage:
Binocular co-axial Microscope Binocular Research Microscope
Dissecting microscope Monocular / Binocular / Trinocular Co-Axial Microscope
Projection Microscope Simple Microscope
Student Microscope Student Stereo Microscope
Trinocular Microscope (Illuminated) Zoom Stereoscopic Binocular Microscope
Microscope Accessories:
Bone cutter Cell counter Coplin's slide staining jar Cover Slip Dissecting needle
Dissecting set Dissecting tray Eyepieces Huyghenian Micrometer Eyepieces Pointer
Eyepieces Wide Field Hand and table microtome Light source for microscope Mechanical stage coaxial Mechanical stage standard
Micro slide box Microscope Objectives 100x Microscope Objectives 10x Microscope Objectives 45x Microscope Objectives 5x
Microslide Cabinet Microslide tray Microtome Razor Mirror for Microscope Plastic Dissecting Dish
Precision Rotary Microtome Rocking microtome Scalpel blade Scalpel Disposable Scalpel stainless steel
Scalpel handle Scissors Straight Blunt Scissors Straight Curved Scissors Straight Pointed Slide staining jar rectangular
Demonstration Models:
Alimentary canal model Amoeba Animal cell ultra structure Animal Meiosis Carnevorous and herbivorous teeth D.N.A. (Deoxyribo Nucliec acid)
DNA Model Epigeal germination bean Eye with orbit model Fertilization of flower Flower section model Human digestive system
Human Respiratory System Human Uninary system Human urino genital (reproductive system female) Human urino genital (reproductive system male) Hydral.s. Jaws New Born Baby Meiosis
Mitosis Model of human brain 4 parts Model of human circulatory system Model of human ear Model of human eye Model of human head and neck
Model of human heart 4 parts Model of human kidney Model of human lung Model of human skelton with stand Model of human skin Model of human Teeth Model of human torso (female)
Model of human torso (male) Model of human torso small Models Plastic Thermoformed Open Pit Model Plant cell R.N.A. (Ribonucleic Acid)
T.S. Dicot Leaf T.S. dicot stem T.S. Monocot stem Typical flower Underground mine model Brain Models
Dental models Digestive sytem models Ear models Eye models Head models Heart & circulatory models
Joint models Lungs models Microanatomy models Nervous system models Human skeleton models Skin models
Human skull model Vertebra models        
Charts & Posters:
Anatomical charts and posters Chart accessories Allergies/asthma charts Biochemistry / immunology charts Brain/neurological charts
Cell charts Dental charts Digestive systems charts Disease charts Ear charts
Eye charts Extremity charts Health education charts Injury charts Joint charts
Hearth/circulatory system charts Kidney charts Muscular charts Obgyn charts Skeletal charts
Speech organs charts Spine / vertebrae charts      

A2. Analytical Lab Equipments:

Techknowledgie Solutions offer a complete product portfolio for Analytical Instruments needs for those establishing new laboratories or expanding existing laboratories.

It is very important to select the right equipment for a specific application. Analytically instruments are widely being used for Petrochemical, Chemical, Metal, Plastic and Cement industries. The selection of analytical instruments depends on what kind of samples and parameters needs to be measured.

While choosing an instrument it is necessary to select highly effective and accurate instruments matching to the analysis needs according to the product guide so that many parameters in almost as many different sample types can be analyzed. Equipment installation and start-up, calibration and verification, and validation-all should be performed by trained and authorized personnel.

Techknowledgie solutions offer a complete range of Analytical equipments & solutions for a complete education, research, analysis and quality control applications.

Customized Solutions

We can offer specially designed products and software or customization to our standard products that are tailored to specific customer needs.

We offer complete turnkey solutions for your integrated Analytical measurement systems involving below steps depending on the customer needs:

  • Site/Plant survey
  • Pre engineering
  • Cost estimates
  • Measurement techniques
  • Sourcing and supporting the accessories
  • Integration at manufacturer’s and shipping
  • Testing/Installation at site
  • Integration with the plant utilities
  • Implementation
  • Functionality tests
  • Training for the end users
  • After sales services
  • Annual maintenance

Analytical Instruments

From day to day monitoring to an advanced and complex research, our analytical solutions helps the end users to handle tough analytical challenges using modern technologies ranging right from pH analysis to spectrometry and chromatography up to a microanalysis.

Chemicals, Reagents & Consumables

We offer the largest selection of chemicals and reagents developed specifically for laboratory usage. Consumables cover the disposable laboratory glassware, plastic ware and environmental-sample containers including vials, tubes, pipettes, microscope slides and syringes. We also offer chemical filtration, purification and packaging of ultra-high purity solvents.

Lab Furniture

Lab furniture is an important element in the planning of any laboratory because they must comply with the needs of work, space and design.

Our laboratory furniture system takes into consideration the requirements of the experimental equipment and IT peripherals required in the Science Labs & Classrooms design. Working hand in hand with you, we can develop a tailored room/equipment layout taking into consideration your needs.


We offer a complete range of advanced Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) and laboratory software products to support our lab equipments.

Optical Emission Spectrometer ICP/OES Spectrometer XRay Fluorescence Spectrometer Metallographic Preparation Bulk Sample Transportation
Carbon Sulphur / O-N-H Analyzers Field Water Testing Equipments Petroleum Testing Equipments Material Testing Eqipments Conductivity Meter
Video scopes Fiberscope’s Oscilloscopes Demagnetizers Spectrophotometers
Polari meters Refract meters Automatic Density Meter Mercury Analyzers Automatic Titrators
Electrochemical Instruments Colony Counter Calorimeter T.D.S. Meter Abbe refractometers
Amperometry & Galvanometry Analytical CE Kits - Chiral Analysis Ashing systems Autoclaves Bath
BIO Sample Bank BioAnalytical Equip. Biomass measurement Blood - QC Software Blood Samplers
Buffer pH Calibration de balance Capillary Electrophoresis Capp Pipettes holders Carbon / Sulfur / Nitrogen / Chlorine Agro Analyzers
Cell Research Cellular Applications Robots Centrifuge, blood Transfusion Classic extraction/evaporation Clin Diag - Electrophoresis Kits
Clinical Chemistry - Automatic Analyzers Clinical Diagnostics Cocktail Scintillation Color - Test Charts Colorimeters
Compression & Tensile Testing Control blood Counter For Blood Cells Crushers Grinders Cryostat - Refrigerated Circulator
Cytometer - Instruments Cytometry - Antibodies - Monoclonal Cytometry - Tests Densitometer Destructive tests
Diaphragm pump Digital Handheld Refractometers Discrete Analysers Distillation DNA/RNA Quality Control equipment
Dry Film Thickness Tests Instr. Drying ovens with forced convection Drying ovens with natural convection Electrical Conductivimeters Counter for leucocytes differentiation
Crushers, grinders Cryostats Cytometry Digital Bench Top Refractometers DIN cups
Drying ovens with natural convection Electrical Conductivimeters Electrochemistry Electrolyte Analyzer Electrophoresis Power Supply
Environmental Analysis Extraction/ Evaporation Filtre colorimeter Fluid Delivery Pump Force gauges
Fume Cabinet /Cupboards General Purpose / Table Top Centrifuges Gloss Haemostasis High pressure reactor
Hot Air Sterilizers ICP Incubators Industrial furnace Karl Fischer Titration - Coulometric
Laboratory Glassware Washers Lense Macro Hardness Testers Metallography Microscopy
Microwave Oven Moisture Balances - Dessicators Mounting press & compounds Multi channel Multichannel volume Verification System Osteoporosis
Petroleum Testing pH-meters Photometer Pipettes & Tips Pipettes - Multichannel
Polishing - Grinding Potentiometric Titration - Accessories Sieve Shaker Test Sieves Viscometers Brookfield
Aggregometer Analog Handheld Refractometers Anemia Testing Assay Automation Bag Mixer
Bath Liquids BIO Spectrophotometers Bioclinical equipments Calibration Calorimetry
Capillary Rheometer Capp Pipettes Starter kits Cell Density Meter Cell Sizing, Counting and Viability Centrifugation
Cold Light Illuminator Color Inspector Colorimeters for solid analysis Conductivity Controled Humidity Chamber
Cryostat Rapid Performer Cytometry Cytometry - Reagents Desintegrator Ultrasonic Detector HPLC
Digestion Digital Microscopes Drying Ovens, Industrial Cutter - Sectioning Digital Handheld Refractometers
Discrete Analysers Drying ovens Drying Ovens, Industrial Electrical Tests Electrodes
Electronic stirrers - Accessories Elemental Analysers Falling weight impact testing Flame Photometers Fluorescence Analysis
Freezers Furnaces & Ovens Genetic Research Growth Chamber Halogen Analyzers
Homogenizers HPCE Immersion cooler Individual bubble viscometers Inverted microscopes
Karl Fischer Titration - Volumetric Lactate Analyzers Magnetic stirrers Microcentrifuges Microtiterplate
Mixers & Shakers Moisture Humidity Muffle furnace Multipost stirrers Oil-baths
Overhead Stirrers pH & Conductivity Pharma Solutions Photometer & kits for Water analysis Polarimeters
Portable Balances Precision Balances Refrigerators Spectrometers Vacuum Ovens
Viscometers Brookfield Access. Alcohol Analyzers Analytical Balances Ashing Microwave Atomic Absorption
pH Buffers Phosphate - Phosphorus - Analyser Physical Testing Pipettes - Fixed volume Polarography-Trace Analysis
Potentiometric Titration Refractometer Shakers Test Chamber Vacuum Pump